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On This Day In Fashion
July 25, 2010, 6:26 pm
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A few months ago I was invited to be part of a fantastic new project. Ali Basye, a brilliant editor, writer and book author I had had the pleasure of writing for with Seattle Bride, announced that she was leaving the magazine to start her own publication. A dedicated lover of all things fashion, for the last several years Ali had been compiling every fascinating moment in fashion history, from the monumental to the absurd to the macabre, into a massive database that she would undoubtedly later turn into… something.

I must admit, couture was never my thing. I’ve always been more interested in what’s going on in my own backyard than in the dramas playing out on a twisted and surreal fashion planet a galaxy away that I honestly can’t afford to care about. But — I do love a good story. I love colorful personalities and the things that fall through the cracks. I love culture, art, politics, architecture, photography, vintage anything, and everything else that goes into making this life such a fascinating place to inhabit — and fashion would not exist without all of these things.  So I accepted the job as Assistant Editor, and in June we launched On This Day In Fashion, an online fashion magazine that delivers a daily dose of fashion history and the stories behind the styles that you never knew existed, along with inspiring tips and up-to-the-minute developments and events in the world of couture.

In the last few weeks alone, I’ve traced the shag haircut that hipsters so love back to Jane Fonda in her Oscar-winning role in the film Klute; I’ve learned that the three tiny pieces of fabric we know and love as the bikini were the brainchild of a twisted Frenchman who thought nuclear fallout was hilarious; and I interviewed the very first black model to appear in a major American fashion magazine back in 1961 — an amazing, brilliant and hopelessly charming lady I could sit and listen to for hours.

There’s something new here every day, so keep checking back, pass it on, and let me know what you think!

On This Day In Fashion

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Hey, what a nice surprise. You make the site sing, Cody!

Comment by Ali Basye

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